Planning a Large Group Rafting Trip the Right Way

Whitewater rafting is an excellent way to entertain a large group. It’s an ideal activity for the entire family, even the children and elderly. Professional rafting guides offer various difficulty levels that can be paired to the experience and skill level of your party. Here are a couple of tips to help ensure your next group rafting trip is a success.

Plan in Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your trip. You just might find that there aren’t any open spots for your large group. Try to have everything booked and planned months in advance, so there are no unwanted surprises.

Appoint a Group Leader

With a large group of people coming along, it definitely helps to have a leader that everyone will listen to. The role of the leader is to ensure that everyone pays attention to and follows the rules. This also will eliminate disagreements and several people trying to make decisions. The right leader can help everyone have a great time while staying safe.

Look for Group Discounts

Call ahead and ask about special discounts that may be available for large groups. It never hurts to ask about seasonal or other deals that could potentially save you big money.

Keep Open Communication

Find a way to keep all group members on the same page. If there are social media sites that everyone uses, that’s a great way to stay in the loop. Use these as mediums to update the group about the trip, lodging, etc.

Establish Deadlines

To prevent changes at the last minute, you can have deadlines established. Give them a date to confirm whether or not they’re going on the trip, and what form of transportation and lodging they will be using.

To experience your own group Grand Canyon rafting trip on the Colorado River, check out available packages from Western River Expeditions. For the best white water rafting in California be sure to check out the trip options here at American River Recreation. Our Middle Fork American trip is always a great one to consider!

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History’s Most Courageous River Expeditions

Close your eyes and imagine yourself back in the 1800s or early 1900s. You’re an early river explorer, charting unknown territories. It’s up to you to navigate new places, endure horrific conditions, manage massive physical difficulties and survive unimaginable, wild adventures.

While a Santa Fe Rafting adventure today might be infinitely safer and more comfortable, it will let you tap into some of the wonder that the early explorers felt as they navigated beautiful landscapes. Below are some of the all-time greatest river expeditions that should inspire you to get out on a river soon.

The Northwest Passage Expedition by Lewis and Clark

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark—along with 33 other men— began a two-year expedition in May of 1804. Their goal was to locate a northwest passage. The heroic journey west began in a keelboat on the Mississippi River, took them up the Missouri River via very simple sail/row boats, over the Bitterroot Mountains in Montana and down the Columbia River all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Then they had to come all the way back again. The group endured starvation, wildlife and indigenous tribes, but they were able to unearth numerous undiscovered animal and plant species.

John Wesley Powell’s River Expedition through the Grand Canyon

Major John Wesley Powell explored the Grand Canyon via the Colorado River in the spring of 1869. The three-month expedition encountered enormous rapids and severe threats of starvation. At the end of three months, the team finally made it through the Grand Canyon, making them the first explorers to travel the length of this world wonder.

Theodore Roosevelt explores the River of Doubt

It was February 27, 1914, when former President Theodore Roosevelt began his journey down a branch of the Amazon River known as “The River of Doubt.” Accompanied by Brazilian military officer Cândido Rondon, Roosevelt’s dangerous canoe expedition—complete with treacherous waterfalls and jungle, attacks from native peoples, malaria, starvation, poisonous animals, infections and a mutiny from the crew—somehow successfully charted that very dangerous but important section of the Amazon.

Today, you don’t need to endure any of the challenges those explorers faced, but you can experience the thrill of Taos rafting. New Mexico and many other western states are home to guided river adventures that will entertain and inspire you.

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American River Recreation South Fork Whitewater Rafting Cam

American River Recreation South Fork Whitewater Rafting Cam

TroubleMaker - Up Close and Personal!

Check out the spectacular American River Recreation “South Fork Whitewater Rafting Cam” overlooking the storied TroubleMaker rapids. Aptly named for the trouble inflicted on unsuspecting rafters, the ARR web cam gives a glimpse of the adrenaline rush you will get when you raft the Chili Bar section of the South Fork American River with American River Recreation. And at just $63, it is the best deal on the river!

Don’t miss out on the Summer Season’s Ultimate Thrill. Call us today at 800-333-7238 to make your reservation!

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The Best Whitewater Rafting
Campground on the River Just Got Better!

Adventure by Day – Luxury by Night

Newly Remodeled Guest Cottages

Newly Remodeled Guest Cottages

Rivers Bend Resort, American River Recreation’s private riverfront campground on the beautiful South Fork American River just got better with newly renovated air-conditioned guest cottages for those who prefer indoor accommodations during their whitewater rafting adventure! In addition to the best riverfront camping accommodations, Rivers Bend Resort now offers 2 rooms with air-conditioning and fresh linens upon request.


The Suite

The Suite offers a luxurious queen size bed


You can now sleep in the lap of luxury by night, and experience the ultimate in outdoor adventure by day. The Suite offers one queen size bed, dresser and fine linens upon request sleeping up to two.

Bunk Buddies

Bunk Buddies - Just think of it as a sleepover!



Just think of it as a sleepover! Bunk Buddies features a bunk bed with full bed top and bottom
and optional bedding upon request sleeping up to four.



For more information or to book a room for your next American River Recreation
whitewater rafting trip, give us a call at 800-333-7238.


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Keep Rafting Fun by Being Safe this Summer

Safe and Fun Whitewater Rafting

California whitewater rafting can be fun and exciting for a range of ages and skill levels.  When choosing a commercial outfitter for your adventure, be sure to ask about guide experience and training levels, safety record and how long they have been in business.  Even though you are hiring a commercial outfitter for your trip, there are a few precautions you should take to ensure your whitewater experience is both safe and fun. Continue reading

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Whitewater Bed and Breakfast Locations

Lodging Best Picks for Whitewater Vacations

Rivers Bend Resort

Rivers Bend Resort

American River Recreation offers a variety of whitewater rafting trips including half, full and 2 day trips. Our 2 day adventures include accommodations on our private riverfront campground; Rivers Bend Resort.

Although camping is included in our overnight trips, space on our campground as well as dinner can be added to any trip reservation. Our guides are as skilled with the grill as they are in the water. Sit back, relax and socialize with guests while our ‘chefs’ prepare a full course meal for you practically tableside.

Our camping accommodations are some of the best in the area. However beautiful, sleeping under the stars is not for everyone. For those who prefer the indoors; we’ve made a list of a few in the area. Continue reading

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Whitewater Rafting and Yosemite in the Spring


Yosemite May 2010Yosemite National Park offers an abundance of activities for any outdoor adventurer.  Hikers, campers, climbers and nature lovers alike have no trouble filling a weekend in Yosemite.

Breathtaking all year around, but visit Yosemite in the spring and you can include rafting the awesome whitewater of the Merced River to your to-do list.  Our Merced whitewater trip typically runs from April to mid June.  This 18 mile stretch can vary from class III to class IV rapids depending when you visit.  With the massive amount of snow we’ve received over the winter, the Merced is sure to be an awesome ride this year. Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day 2011


It’s Earth Day!  You can take part by attending an Earth Day event your area.  Here are a few in the Sacramento and Sierra Foothills area.  These events benefit local organizations and offer fun, food and entertainment as well as opportunities to learn more about issues in your area and how you can help.

Earth Day Image

Tahoe Truckee Earth Day 2011 – Saturday April 23

Held in the Village at Squaw Valley, this non-profit volunteer run event fun, has live music and entertainment,  as well as information on how to preserve and protect our local and global natural resources.  There will also be free e-waste collection where you can bring your electronic equipment to be properly recycled. Continue reading

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Outdoor Activities for Kids during Spring Break

Spring break is in full effect, the kids are home and the sun is shining.  Well, most of the time anyway.  For some, getting  your kids to go outside a play can be a challenge.  We know it’s not easy competing with Facebook,  YouTube Videos or the latest Halo game but here’s a list of local things to do that may help.

The South Fork American with ARR

Junior Whitewater Rafting Enthusiasts enjoying a trip down the South Fork American

Go Whitewater Rafting!

Book a Half or Full day trip on the South Fork American.  Rafting season has begun in Northern California.  We have trips running daily on the South Fork.  Take the kids on a tour of Coloma or visit Historic Downtown Placerville.  Raft on Saturday April 23 and attend the 12th annual Coloma Easter Egg hunt! Perfect trip for families with younger children or teens.  Our full day trips include a great deli-style buffet lunch with homemade cookies!  More at our website. Continue reading

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Our ARR Family – Edison Xavier Poveda Rodriguez

This is the second post in our “Get to Know The ARR Family” series.   Each year we are blessed with an amazing team; everyone dedicated to making your trip the most memorable ever.  Each of our staff brings a wealth of experience and comes from all over the world to our little town of Coloma, California.   They’ve boated on the most challenging rivers in the US to Central and South America, Africa, Australia and everywhere in between and for the six or so months of the year that we call rafting season, these men & women call Northern California and American River Recreation their home.

ChamyMeet Edison Xavier Poveda Rodriguez, otherwise known to ARR as ‘Chamy’.

Chamy is our Ecuador native and rafter of over 16 years.  Prior to his arrival in the US, he guided not only in Ecuador but also in Venezuela, Columbia and Peru.  He came to ARR with an impressive collection of experience, rafting a variety of difficult yet beautiful rivers that include: the Pastaza in the Ecuador Jungle, the Jatun Yaku River also in Ecuador, the Rio Blanco and Colca Canyon in Peru.  Out of the water, Chamy guided combo trips that include canyoning in Ecuador’s El Kilo Canyon, as well as hiking and rock climbing adventures. Continue reading

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